Sony Sorter MA900: don’t be scared, cell sorter becomes fast and easy!

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Sony Sorter MA900: don’t be scared, cell sorter becomes fast and easy!

MA900 Multi-Application Cell Sorter

Discovering the Sony Sorter MA900

Cell sorting becomes a biological analysis tool for everyone and each single laboratory will have the opportunity to use its own sorter in complete autonomy.

Sony sorters have a compact design and small dimensions (55cmx55cmx72cm) which identify them as bench instruments. The MA900 is the biggest Sony sorter that, while maintaining the same size as the small one, has extremely flexible characteristics with a configuration from 2 to 4 lasers (488nm, 405nm, 561nm, 638nm) for up to 12 fluorescence detectors and two scatter parameters. The MA900 is the only benchtop sorter to have the fourth laser and up to 4 sorting ways!

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Cell separation by flow cytometry has always been a little scary for the instrumental complexity and for the setting of fundamental parameters. So these problems have transformed the sorting in an analysis tool for few, "facility-dedicated". The keyword for Sony tools is: "Easy-to-use and Automated"! In fact, the total instrumental set-up process is characterized by advanced automation and very short times (only 15 minutes to be ready to sort sample). There will no longer be needed long times and specific knowledge to set the instrument in the best way. Furthermore, the automation of configuration, acquisition, sorting and analysis processes makes the cell separation less subjective, more precise and easier to perform. Intelligent automation dramatically simplifies operation and streamlines troubleshooting standardizing the whole sort process.

Fluidics and nozzle-related problems have also been simplified in the Sony Sorter MA900; another unique feature of the instrument is the microfluidic chip. This new innovative chip-based design is a fully integrated system with flow cell, nozzle and microfluidic channels. We can use 2 kinds of chips with different nozzles (70µm and 100µm) which allow the cell populations selection also by size. These disposable chips minimize contamination between samples and significantly reduce instrument downtime for the replacement of different size nozzles or for cleaning the nozzle after clogging. The nozzle clogging occurs very often in instruments with fixed nozzles and the 24 hours of microfluidics chip life help to resolve this problem.

Sort devices supported include 2-way and 4-way tubes as well as 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates. Are also optionally available The Sort Deposition System and the laminar flow hood which guarantee maximum safety for operator and sample.

The Sort Deposition System is a hardware feature that facilitates high-throughput sorting and precise deposition of cells into 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates or PCR plates. Several features on the Sony Sorter MA900 enable deposition of single cells at a high efficiency. These include the ability to precisely adjust the position of a plate, assign the center of the drop relative to the target cell position, and utilize custom angled plate holders for multiwell PCR and 384-well plates.

All these features allow the MA900 to sort also single cells and since the system additionally simplifies advanced sorting techniques, it can also be used in molecular biology and genomics laboratories and by researchers that don't have flow cytometry know-how.

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