Webinar “RASTRUM: Digital Bioprinting Technology”

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Webinar “RASTRUM: Digital Bioprinting Technology”


Cytosens in parternership con inventia.life per la commercializzazione in Italia di RASTRUM™ 3D cell biology platform

Giovedì 10 Giugno 2021 alle ore 9.30: Rastrum 3D cell Culture Platform – the art of Digital Bioprinting

SPEAKER: Dr Jeremy Dobrowolski – Sales and Business Development Associate (Inventia Life Science)


RASTRUM™ Bioprinter – The award-winning 3D Cell Culture Platform

A simple platform to create 3D cell models in standard well plates that are compatible with your existing experimental workflow.

RASTRUM™ is built for 3D cell biology, accelerating drug discovery and biomedical research with the power of digital bioprinting.

Select from our library of proprietary RASTRUM™ Matrices and 3D Cell Models, without having to waste time with 3D modelling or hydrogel engineering.

Incredibly easy and automated printing workflow to create your 3D Cell Model efficiently and reproducibly.

Printed 3D Cell Models are compatible with standard culture and downstream analysis workflows.

We’re not chasing pipe dreams about printed organs. Our core technology in digital bioprinting is built for fast, scalable and reproducible printing of 3D cell constructs that you can trust.