Startup dedicated to flow cytometry in every aspect

Cytosens is a startup dedicated to flow cytometry in every aspect. We wanted to create an innovative company that could gather all the present and futuristic innovations in the field of cellular analysis with the aim of bringing, even to the Italian market, some of the most advanced technologies already available in other countries. With a sales network in continuous development and thanks to the application support of our specialists, we want to be the new benchmark for untraditional cytometry in Italy.

We are committed to accelerating your science by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for the analysis of cells and their function by delivering you our flagship flow cytometry products designed to deliver high-performance results and save you time.

Sony Authorized Distributor

Cytosens is born from 10 years of experience in Flow Cytometry field. the intention of being the reference company for all the cytometry laboratories, offering cutting-edge technologies, has given birth to the partnership with Sony Biotechnology.

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Cytosens partner De Novo Software

De Novo Software works closely with many industry leading companies and partners to provide unparalleled software support and integrations for flow and image cytometry data analysis and compliance.

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