Partner Sony Biotechnology

Cytosens partner Sony Biotechnologies

Cytosens is an authorized distributor of Sony Biotechnology products, flow cytometers, cell sorters and cytometry reagents in Italy. Thanks to the partnership with the major brands and major companies producing reagents for cellular analysis, Cytosens offers the complete solution for your FACS analyzes.

Innovative technological tools for non-traditional cytometry

We offer specialized instruments for routin or high complexy flow cytometric analysis. Our Spectral analyzers offer a broad range of applications from basic to high parameters analysys. Our Cell Sorter with their fully automated operation fit perfectly with every laboratory needs.



Flow cytometers that identify, count, and characterize cells to support cell analysis. From easy to use benchtop spectral systems to high-parameter spectral analyzer / flow cytometer up to 7 lasers and 188 detectors.

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Cell Sorter


Flow cytometers Cell Sorters fully automated up to 12 colors with microfluidics sorting and a benchtop fit to make it a good fit for individual labs or core facilities.

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