Webinar “Spectral Flow Cytometry for Deeper Insights”

Presented by SelectScience Spectral flow cytometers introduced by Sony enable the use of a wider variety of fluorochrome combinations than previously possible with traditional non-spectral systems. […]

Combinatorial Indexing – A high-throughput scalable approach for exploring single-cell epigenomics

Join this educational webinar to learn from an eminent researcher, how Single-Cell Combinatorial Indexing (SCI) can be used for assessment of the open chromatin landscape of […]

Webinar: “Multi-omics Approach to Understanding PD-L1 Resistance in Cancer”

This webinar will focus on new technologies for isolating and profiling tumor cells. Although immune-based therapies targeting the inhibitory receptors (PD-L1, PD1, and CTLA4) are proven […]

Upcoming webinar: “Sample Preparation and Cell Isolation for Multiplexed, Single-Cell Sequencing Analysis”

In this webinar, presented by 10x Genomics and Sony Biotechnology, you will learn how to: View and interpret select single-cell sequencing data Optimize sample preparation and […]