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Cytosens is born from 10 years of experience in Flow Cytometry field. the intention of being the reference company for all the cytometry laboratories, offering cutting-edge technologies, has given birth to the partnership with Sony Biotechnology.

Cytosens is an authorized distributor of Sony Biotechnology products, flow cytometers, cell sorters and cytometry reagents in Italy. Thanks to the partnership with the major brands and major companies producing reagents for cellular analysis, Cytosens offers the complete solution for your FACS analyzes.

Sony Introduces Innovative New Fluorescent KIRAVIA Dyes™

The KIRAVIA Dyes are organic polymers that have fluorescent dyes loaded precisely on a novel organic polymer backbone developed by Sony, based on proprietary technology. The monomers of the backbone are polymerized, using an automated synthesizer, at the time of production.

This polymer structure is designed to enable an increase in brightness by mitigating the quenching phenomenon between adjacent dyes on the backbone by controlling the distance between dyes. Increasing the number of dyes along the backbone results in brighter polymers.


Software per Cytometria

Bridging The Gap Between Cytometry and Results

FCS Express gets you from raw data to easily-understandable, beautifully formatted, presentation-ready results more easily and in less time than any other flow cytometry software.

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Flow Cytometry News: instruments, reagents and events


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