Group, Team, Financial Statement and Partnership.

Our Company

We are a team made of people having both national and international laboratory experience, and consolidated problem-solving skills.

Our main purpose is not only to provide customers with our products, but also with solutions, answering scientific and technical questions, as well as representing their constant reference point.

In order to face the recent advances in research application, more and more focused on cellular analysis, we created an innovative company with a mission: gathering all the present and cutting edge technologies already available in other countries and bring them to the Italian market.

With our sales network in continuous development and supported by our application specialists’ team, our goal is to become a Life Science Technology Hub where the most of scientists’, researchers’ and clinicians needs can be met.

Main Pillars

Cytometry is the division of Cytosens dedicated to advanced flow cytometry in every aspect.
We help you to face up the most demanding challenges in the field of 3D cell culture and 3D bioprinting.
We are committed to accelerating your science by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions.
Main Figures

Financial Statement